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God’s Love

cross imageHow can you be angry when you witness God’s love in your life?
How can you hate others when God loves you?
How can you fear when you know God got you?
Love others because God loves is so powerful
It spills over
God’s love is healing
Help others to feel what God has given you

God’s Love/ColetteVPaul



A Mother’s Love

Mothers are nurtures
Single ones holding it down making it happen
Married ones honoring their families
Each one teaching their young girls to dream, become what she desires
And little boys to stand up and become strong men
Mothers are truly divine
She is powerful with tremendous faith
A blessing too many
As a mother raises her child she sacrifices with a gentle hand and gives guidance
As she teaches her child with laboring words she is building neighborhoods, communities, and nations
Feeding million with her knowledge
Unconditionally, a mother gives the most ultimate love of all

A Mother’s Love/Colette V. Paul


Young black woman watches at window USA

Young black woman watches at window USA

Feeling empty since you’ve been away
Can’t feel the sun nor the breeze
Left behind with only memories
Longing for your kiss and embrace
Come back to me so that I may breathe again




Distance image

I’ve tried to shake this relationship
But I can’t
I love you with all of my heart
I don’t want to lose you
We’ve endured many difficulties
Too many factors keeping us apart
And distance has been our storm
If we separate or remains friends
Would either be less painful?
I’m still hurting
Too emotionally involved
Don’t want to lose you
Don’t want to call it quits





Come to Me

I notice you lying near the lake reading a book
Looking very peaceful
Your butterscotch skin glistens in the sunlight
Your eyes and lips capture me
Intoxicated by your smile
I can’t resist and walk over
I ask about your book, you proceed to tell me a story
Your words capture me as I enter into a new world
A space where I want to spend with you forever
I’ve traveled miles searching for you

Allow me to witness the depths of your soul and discover all of you
Allow me to be your shooting star making all of your dreams come true
I want to walk hand and hand with you as long as stars twinkle in the sky

man reading

Come to Me/ColetteVPaul

Early/A Poem


His soft kisses takes me to heaven
Gentle and sweet
His hips thrust into my world
He fills me with nutrition
His warmth makes me explode
Our pleasure begins with the rising of a new day


couple kissing




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