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Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing

The misty rain drizzles as it gives me peaceful thoughts
While deep breathing exchanges worn dreams for new ideas
As I connect with nature

Conscious Breathing/Colette Paul



She cries
Her love has gone away
She needs to see him again
She stares in the mirror
Only feeling memories as she stands in stillness
She sings a sorrowful song
Like moans in the wind
Spending her days and nights alone

She cries
Her love cannot stay
Maybe he’ll comeback another way
Like a butterfly and take her own in wings
Up far and away

Memories/Colette Paul

A Xmas Occasion

Love Songs

Love Songs


It was unusually hot today

As we sat under the cherry blossom tree

The leaves were swaying in the rhythm

with the wind

Bringing a calmness

You pulled me closer to kiss me

We snuggled and listened to the birds sing love songs

Until dusk

Love songs/Colette Paul

New Day

New Day

Decided to shed my old thoughts
Walked away from negativity
Bathed in the sunlight of positivity
Listened to my inner thoughts
Flowed like water cascading down a stream
I hear clearly since I moved ahead
I’m a better version of me

New Day/Colette Paul

I am Yours

Your scent fills my longing for you

Satisfied by your touch

My body and  heart is only for you

My only job is to give you spiritual vibrations and heavenly delight

Our spirits fly higher as we intertwine in a universal union


I am yours/ColetteVPaulblack couple sensual


Book of Titus

Elders, raise your vibrations
Teach young men their manhood
Embrace them with open hearts

Elders, teach the youth their strong heritage
Give them direction, understanding, and wisdom

Young warriors
Raise your vibrations
Change your old ways
Meditate daily to become physical and mentally strong

Elders, call for the ancestors to open their minds, they are waiting to assist
Teach our young ones from your past mistakes
Save our youth from the jail cells
United and strong, press ahead together
Help our communities with a gentle hand

Intercede for the young and make them stronger
If each one guides the young, a rising will occur
With a new level of unity
Heaven on earth will prevail


Colette Paul, Author's photo.
Book of Titus/ColetteVPaul